Frequently asked questions

Artworks & the Artists

How do you choose the works offered for sale?

We thoroughly examine all works that are submitted to us and we select the works depending on their artistic quality and description. We also have the possibility to withdraw works from sale if their authenticity is questioned.

Who can sell on SWISS ART VALUE?

Everyone, provided that the artwork has been originated by a Swiss artist, or that Switzerland is represented in the work. Are you an artist or do you have pieces you wish to sell? Contact us via this page. We study all applications.

Are the artworks available on print?

All the artwork presented on SWISS ART VALUE are original pieces, they are not published on other supports or beyond the number of editions defined by the artist (for photography in particular).

What is an edition?

We speak of an edition when there are several copies of a work, especially in photography. An edition implies that a defined number of copies has been defined by the artist before the first sale and this number should not vary over time. Generally speaking, the fewer the copies; the higher the price of the work.

Is a certificate of authenticity delivered with the work?

As far as possible, works for sale on SWISS ART VALUE are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist or by the dealer representing him. In addition, all editions (photographs, prints, etc.) are numbered and signed by the artist.

Are all the works presented on SWISS ART VALUE available for sale?

Yes, unless it has already been purchased. If the work has been sold, this is indicated on the page of the art piece by the mention SOLD following by the reference (REF). In case you don't find any other work suiting your taste, feel free to write or call us, we can offer more options that haven't been published on the website yet and some of our artists also accept orders!

Services offered by SWISS ART VALUE

Is framing available for all artworks?

Absolutely, sometimes the artist has already planned a frame, of which we can send you pictures of. If the work is not framed, you can specify at the time of purchase that you wish to frame the work. We will find the ideal frame for you.

Who pays for the cost of framing?

When the artwork is indicated as framed, then the frame is an integral part of the artwork and its price is already integrated in the price of the artwork. When the work is not framed, SWISS ART VALUE offers the framing as an extra charge and it will be invoiced to you in addition to the price of the work. We are always careful to propose a framing within the budget that you will have communicated to us.

What do you offer in terms of support and advice?

Our job is to set up a meeting between a collector and a fine work of art. For this meeting to happen, you have to see a lot of works! This is where we can save you time. We can also present you with a personalized selection of about twenty works that are likely to please you. To receive your selection, you can contact us directly at info@swissartvalue.ch. We will get back to you within 48 hours.

Is there a charge for the Art Advisory service?

Our advisors are paid only via sales commissions.

I would like to make a gift but I don't know which art work to choose. What can I do?

It is a great idea! You have two options to offer a very unique gift. First option: we can discuss the preferences and the place of residence of the person to whom you would like to offer a gift, we can offer you a selection of artworks within your budget. Second option: you can offer him/her a Gift Card of the amount of your choosing. For each Gift Card, we offer 1 hour of personalized advice to help the person find the art piece of their liking.

Acquiring a work on our digitalised platform

How do I know if you have works by the artist I'm looking for?

Please make sure you check our Instagram and Facebook pages. We will diligently publish the art pieces we carry on our website and on those two platforms. You may also contact us by private message on Instagram & Facebook or by email: info@swissartvalue.ch.

How can I check the dimensions of the work?

The dimensions of the artwork are indicated in the description of the artwork. Any doubts? Feel free to contact us, we are here for that and we'll be happy to send you additional visuals to help you discern the dimensions of the pieces more accurately.

Does the image presented on the website accurately represent the artwork?

The image that you see on the site reflects a faithful image of the work presented, but has no contractual value. We can send you additional visuals of the work upon request. We also organize visits by appointment.

How can I place an order on SWISS ART VALUE?

When you see on one of our web pages (Instagram, Facebook, website) a work that you like, you may promptly contact us by private message or by email by indicating the reference of the work and your coordinates. We will then take care of the purchase process with the owner/artist. ATTENTION the mention SOLD next to the work means that someone has already purchased it and that the piece is no longer available.

What are the accepted means of payment?

Bank transfer and all payment cards (Mastercard, Visa, American Express etc).

Can I pay in several installments?

In theory, no, but you can always write to us to find a solution: info@swissartvalue.ch.

What happens after the payment is made?

Once the payment has been made, the work is reserved for you! We will rapidly get in touch to confirm its availability and delivery time (delivery within 7 days on average). We then define together the ideal day of delivery to the address communicated to us.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes. Prior to the shipment of the art piece, you can cancel your order upon simple request by email. If the artwork has been shipped, we will refund you only after the artwork has been returned to us in its original condition.

Shipping & Delivery

How are the works packaged?

The works are packed by the vendors or by SWISS ART VALUE, by respecting the necessary precautions.

What is the delivery time?

The average delivery time is 7 days after payment, which takes into account the packaging time and the shipment itself. Depending on availability of the vendor, a potential framing and especially the route between the place of storage of the work and your home, this time is likely to vary. Whatever happens, we will keep you informed as we go along.

Who takes care of the delivery?

Depending on the country of destination and the dimensions of the work we use carriers such as DHL or UPS or carriers specialized in artistic goods. For Switzerland we use the delivery service of SWISS ART VALUE or la Poste.

To which countries do you deliver?

The whole world, or at least all the countries served by our partners! A doubt? Feel free to contact us, we will find a solution to deliver you even on a desert island (Yes it's real life!).

How much does it cost to ship the artwork?

It depends on the size and the price of the work.

If I order several works, are they delivered at the same time?

It will depend whether they are sold by the same vendor or no.
However, if you have any constraints and need the works to arrive at the same place at the same time, let us know and we will organize the transport accordingly.

Can I have works delivered to another country or to another person?

We will deliver to the address you specify when you order. Usually, we fix the delivery date with the person who will receive the work and that you will indicate to us. If it is a surprise or a gift, let us know!


The work arrives damaged at my home, what should I do?

Contact us as soon as you notice the damage. Also take pictures to show us the state of the work and the potential non conformities. Depending on the seriousness of the damage, we can either repair the work or reimburse you the purchase price. SWISS ART VALUE will of course take care of repair and transport costs in case of damage suffered by the work during its delivery.

Who pays for the return of the works?

SWISS ART VALUE pays for the return in case of damage suffered by the artwork. If the work is not damaged, the return fees are at your charge.

How is the refund processed?

You shall be reimbursed after the work has been returned to SWISS ART VALUE.