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Independent consultancy, guidance in acquisition and selling of post-war and contemporary art

We help with management of private and corporate collections



We offer all-inclusive services tailored to the specific requirements of the client or the project:

  • Art collection assessment to determine retention or de-accession strategy.

  •  Artwork authentication, appraisal, investigation of provenance and condition. 

  • Client representation during private negotiations and at auctions. 

  • Arranging for site-specific commissioned artworks. 

  • Collection management: inventory and appraisal updates.

Our goal is a productive and lasting relationship with each collector.


We have privileged but economically independent access to the market. We put our customers' interests first throughout the cooperation.


Each stage of the work is justified in clear language and statistical data and we are always open for discussion.


We guarantee the confidentiality of all personal data. If necessary, we can act on behalf of the client.

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1202 Genève Suisse

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